Handyman Services

Hammond Home Improvement and Repair offers a helping hand to Colorado properties with residential and commercial odd jobs, building maintenance and handyman projects. 

Some jobs you just don’t have the time, tools or skills to tackle yourself. Pete Hammond is an expert handyman. Contact Hammond Home Improvement and Repair today to get help with all your home and business odd jobs and maintenance projects.

Decor Hanging & Wall Mounts

Secure televisions, shelves, décor and other items safely to your walls. I have the tools and knowledge to securely hang or mount a variety of items to the walls in your home or office. For added safety, mount bookcases and other large furniture to the wall to avoid it from tipping or falling over.

hammond golden cabinetry woodworking

Home Safety Features

Home safety is important, especially for homes with small children or older adults. I install child safety features like child gates, cabinet latches, doorstops, safety outlets and furniture anchors. For handicapped accessibility or homes with aging adults, I install features like handicap rails, lower light switches and outlets, and widened doorways.

Furniture Assembly

Get the help you need assembling your new furniture pieces. Common projects are bunkbeds, bookcases, tables and dressers. I have the right tools available to complete your furniture assembly projects.


Keep your doors working right and looking great! I install new internal and external doors, including screen doors. I also repair doors, locks, trim and doorjambs. I fix stuck doors, damaged doors and broken locks.


I offer plumbing services to repair clogged drains, leaky faucets or install new fixtures. Don’t settle for a slow drain or running toilet, fix it right.


Lighting adds to your home’s décor, increases safety and enhances curb appeal. I install new or upgraded lighting and light fixtures both inside and outside of your home or office.

Trim, Baseboards and Doorjambs

Repair or replace damaged or missing trim, baseboards and doorjambs. I specialize in woodworking installation and repair. I can build custom wood pieces to match your current design.

Odd Jobs

If you have an odd job you’re not sure how to tackle, contact me to discuss your project. With my years of experience in construction, home repairs and woodworking, I’m often able to help solve the problem. I believe integrity is important! If I can’t do the job, I will tell you upfront to save you time and money.

Contact me today!

Contact me today for a quote or to schedule a consultation. I work with clients on the Colorado Front Range communities of Golden, Lakewood, Arvada, Wheatridge and Genesee. 

I am only a phone call away to your peace of mind!